Best Sites to Earn FREE Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies

Best Sites to Earn FREE Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies

Earning bitcoins as one more way to make extra money online. In this section, we’ll talk about cryptocurrencies, and refer to Bitcoin and other relevant Altcoins.

To understand what Cryptocurrencies are about, we’ll make a brief introduction and explain how it works without going into much detail, to get the basic concepts to earn the most Bitcoins in the best way, as after all, that’s what we’re interested in. Apart from bitcoin, you can also earn other cryptocurrencies, completely for free.

What are cryptocurrencies? Earning Bitcoins

Cryptocurrencies are digital exchange currencies based on Cryptography. This means that they employ exhaustive mathematics-based encryption methods.

Cryptocurrencies operate independently of a Central Bank, that is, they don’t have any type of regulation, as is the case with the Euro or Dollar. They use a transaction verification system that doesn’t include any third parties, known as P2P.

Another of its important features is that most cryptocurrencies are usually open-source code, which gives the users security and confidence.

There are hundreds of Cryptocurrencies and more and more are emerging, but we’ll try to focus on Bitcoin, which is one of the most important ones, without ruling out other options such as DogeCoin, LiteCoin, etc.

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Create a Bitcoin wallet

The first thing we’ll need to work on this type of sites is a wallet to deposit the Satoshi (lower bitcoin unit) that you earn in the bitcoin-earning sites, which you’ll find at the end of this post.


As we mentioned, a satoshi is the lowest units of Bitcoin. The minimum expression of Bitcoin, that is 0 + 8 numbers. For example 0.00000001 satoshi.

The wallet that I recommend to start is CoinBase since it’s one of the best and most complete in the market. It allows you to store both bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In addition, PayPal has recently been added as an exchange and withdrawal method. Quite an achievement. If you’re from Venezuela, you’ll have to use AirTm.

Create your first Bitcoin wallet completely for free by clicking on the button below:

Create your Bitcoin Wallet for Free


With this wallet, you’ll be able to store Cryptocurrencies in a safe and anonymous way. If Coinbase doesn’t work for you or you just don’t like it, coinpayments will be a safe alternative.

You need to know the address of your Bitcoin wallet or purse. To give you an idea, it consists of a series of numbers and letters and is also identified by a QR code. You’ll see it more clearly in the following image.


In this case, the combination of numbers you saw was my wallet or Bitcoin address.

Now you know how to charge in the Bitcoin sites that I’ll mention in the next section. Ready? But before getting to know the websites that I use to get Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, the first thing I advise you do to installs the Chrome CryptoTab extension, that way you’ll earn bitcoins without doing anything while you work on other sites or Faucets

Click here to Download and Install Brave Browser to CLAIM Free $ 5 >>

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Sites to earn FREE Bitcoins

Sites to earn FREE Bitcoins

In this space, we’ll discover the best sites, pages or mobile applications that will allow us to earn Satoshi for free for our Bitcoin wallet or purse.

Besides from all the sites that we’ve mentioned in the blog that already pay with Bitcoin and which aren’t included in this section, there are many others that we’ll add in this section, so check this article from time to time.

Please, install Brave Browser to get additional BAT tokens for using sites from the list below.

Here are the sites that I use to earn FREE Bitcoins:

» FreeBitcoin: Win Bitcoin for free every hour. More than 6 years paying!

Join Freebitcoin Now

» BTCClicks: One of the best PTC to earn bitcoin just by watching ads

Join BTCCliks Now

» Coinpayu: Win Satoshi for free in this PTC managed by the same admin as Adbtc, another veteran of the sector.

Join Coinpayu Now

» Cointiply: One of the latest. Win up to 50 Satoshi per ad seen.

Join Cointiply Now

» adBTC: Online and paying since the end of 2016. minimum earnings 30,000 Satoshi. Pays to BTC, XAPO wallets and through the microwallet FaucetHub

Join adBTC Now

adBTC review

» Thecryptofaucet: Paying since March 2016. 2 ways to earn satoshis daily. It’s worth a try.

Join Thecryptofaucet Now

» Coinbulb: Another veteran and reliable platform to earn fractions of free bitcoins, paying since October of 2016.

Join Coinbulb Now

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Sites to earn cryptocurrencies

Sites to earn cryptocurrencies

Apart from earning free Bitcoins, you can also choose to earn cryptocurrencies, just like with BTC. Some of the best pages are:

» FreeDogecoin: Win free Dogecoins with one of the best pages with its own Faucet. Do you want to earn DOGE?

Join Freedogecoin Now

» All Cryptocurrencies Online: Now called Allcoins. Win cryptos in the easiest way ever. Do you dare?

Join Allcoins Now

» CoinFaucet: Faucet to earn Ripple (XRP) for free in 2020.

Join Coinfaucet Now

» FaucetCrypto: Faucet to earn free cryptos for free in 2020.

Join FaucetCrypto Now

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Faucets to earn cryptocurrencies

Faucets to earn cryptocurrencies

The Cumulative Faucets that you’ll see below are all from the same admin, that is, from the “Moon” saga. All allow you to earn the best cryptocurrencies in the market in a very simple way. To charge, you’ll need a Microwallet CoinPot. If you don’t have an account, create one for free from here.

» Moon Bitcoin: Earn Satoshi (BTC) with the best current cumulative Faucet.

Join MoonBitcoin Now

» Moon Litecoin: Earn Litecoin with the best cumulative Faucet of the moment.

Join MoonLitecoin Now

» Moon Dash: Earn Dash for free with the best Cumulative Faucet

Join MoonDash Now

» Moon Dogecoin: Earn Dogecoin totally for free with the best cumulative Faucet

Join MoonDogecoin Now

» MoonBitcoinCash: Earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with the best Faucet of the moment.

Join MoonBitcoinCash Now

» Bit Fun: Earn Satoshi (BTC) directly to your CoinPot account easily every 10 minutes.

Join BitFun Now

» Bonus Bitcoin: Earn Satoshi (BTC) directly to your CoinPot account. Claims every 15 minutes

Join BonusBitcoin Now

ExpressCrypto is a MicroWallet similar to Coinpot. In it you can also earn different cryptocurrencies through their platform-integrated faucets
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Win FREE Bitcoins in 2020: Opinions and ending

If you thought that in this blog you’d only make money online, now you know the best sites and Faucets to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as an alternative. What will you use?

On the other hand, you just have to be persistent in your daily work, since it can be boring, but if you want to earn Cryptocurrencies in a reliable way, there’s no better way than with the websites I’ve reviewed in this article.

Once you have enough fractions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you can choose to invest in Bitcoins or buy Bitcoins, or sell you cryptocurrencies in an exchange like Binance.

Any doubts? I’ll answer them in the comments section below. Without further ado, I bid you farewell, greetings, and success!

Owner, Editor, and lead writer for Bit-sites. Cryptocurrency writer and trader since late 2015.

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