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Started: 14/06/2020
Minimum Deposit: 25 USD
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 USD
Payouts: Manual
Accruals: Daily
Referral: 7% – 2% to 9% – 2%
Accept: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Payeer

About started two years ago with an objective to seek and identify alternative asset classes that offer potentially attractive risk premiums, and we created workable strategies around them to achieve better than average returns for our investors. Our team has deep expertise in capital markets and investment management. We have a common passion for creating wealth and we believe everyone should be given a fair opportunity to get rich and live a comfortable life, hence we work our best towards enriching our client’s wealth. The idea behind creating this platform is to reach those people who neither have the knowledge required to benefit from stock trading nor afford costly brokerage fees but has the ability and willingness to invest to create wealth. We have been dealing with offline investors within our circles all this while and now decided to open up for online investments which can give us access to investors beyond boundaries.

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Investment Plans Of

If you want a stable daily return for your investment without any deviation, then choose Flat Return Plan. But if you are willing to take extra risk for a better ROI then choose Floating Return Plan. The details of the plans are as follows.

Flat Return Plan:
  • PLAN PERIOD: 50 days
  • TOTAL ROI: 200%

If you are a conservative investor with relatively low risk tolerance, or an apprehensive investor testing the waters, this plan is for you. Because this plan starts with a minimum investment of $25 USD and offer stable returns for a fixed period.

Floating Return Plan:
  • DAILY RETURN: 3% – 5%
  • PLAN PERIOD: Till The Total ROI Reaches To 400% Of Investment
  • TOTAL ROI: 400%

This plan is for aggressive investors, or the ones with high risk tolerance, who are willing to risk more to get potentially better results. The plan starts with a minimum investment of $200 USD. Investors of this plan receives a floating daily return which is going to float between 3% to 5% until they receive 400% of their investment.

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E-currencies accepted: accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, and Payeer.

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Minimum Deposit:

Flat Return Plan starts with a Min Investment of $25 USD and offers a 200% ROI.

Floating Return Plan starts with a Min Investment of $ 200 USD and offers a 400% ROI.

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Minimum Withdraw:

You can withdraw your earnings from as low as $ 1 USD.

Withdrawal request process take anywhere between 10 minutes to 24 hours.

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Affiliate Program:

StockBag encourages investors to invite their friends and connections to the platform. StockBag’s affiliate programme (Suggest a Friend) is divided into two categories SB BASIC and SB PRO.

SB BASIC: Under this plan, we offer a two-level referral commission for both the plans at the below rates.For Flat Return Plan

  • Level 1 commission is 7%
  • Level 2 commission is 2%

For Floating return Plan

  • Level 1 commission is 9%
  • Level 2 commission is 2%

Additionally, to encourage the top performers of this affiliate program we have a separate category called SB PRO.

Eligibility Criteria to upgrade to SB PRO: One must have a minimum of 15 active referrals or a combined active referral deposit amount of 1000 USD or more at any point of time.For Stable Plan

  • Direct Referral Commission – 11%
  • Level 2 Referral Commission – 2%

For Floating Plan

  • Direct Referral Commission – 13%
  • Level 2 Referral Commission – 2%

Collaborating through StockBag’s affiliate program is an easy way to generate additional revenue from your community, connections and followers while helping the SB’s network to grow wider and prosperous.


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