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Founded in the year of 2017, CryptoUniverse is a multifunctional cloud mining service provider. This is a popular cloud mining company which has its location in the countries of Europe ( Kirishi, Irkutsk, and Siberia in Russia) However, the exact locations have not been made available to general public knowledge to a wide array of security reasons.


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A number of people have opted for a wide number of mining companies. However, they have been scammed by many of them. Though there are a number of mining companies that have scammed people in the past, CryptoUniverse cloud mining company is an exception to the rule. CryptoUniverse has earned a high reputation as the most transparent cloud mining company. You can be assured that it is not a scam. GM and Genesis Mining are considered to be the only cloud mining companies we want to write about. It is considered to be the largest and well-renowned provider of cloud mining for Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

The registration of CryptoUniverse has been done with SEC for the Bitcoin mining fund.

It should be noted that this does not indicate that CryptoUniverse is a profit-making opportunity. This indicates that CryptoUniverse Mining is honest in providing its services.

It is crucial to note that the mining contracts happen to be year contracts which indicate that they do not come with a maturity date. Thus, you are sure to continue mining and receiving the payments as long as the contract happens to be profitable.

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How does CryptoUniverse Cloud Mining work

According to the website, CryptoUniverse is considered to be a safe and easy option for purchasing hash power without the need for dealing with complicated software and hardware set up. CryptoUniverse is known to specialize in developing the most reliable and effective mining rights which are provided to the clients for rent.

All you require doing is setting up the account with them with an eye to starting cloud mining. As you complete signing up, you need to fund the account via Bitcoin and select the mining plan which is best for you.

CryptoUniverse Pricing:

1. BTC Mining

  • $10.90 for 1 TH/s for 1 year
  • $13.90 for 1 TH/s for 2 years
  • $15.90 for 1 TH/s for 3 years
  • $16.90 for 1 TH/s until January 01, 2025

2. LTC Mining

  • $21 for 100 MH/s for 360 days
  • $24 for 100 MH/s for 480 days
  • $22 for 100 MH/s for 720 days
  • $27 for 100 MH/s until January 01, 2025

3. Cloud Miners

  • $289 for 14.0 TH/s until January 01, 2025
  • $479 for 16.0 TH/s until January 01, 2025 
  • $1,190 for 37 TH/s until January 01, 2025 
  • $1,100 for 37 TH/s until January 01, 2025

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What Coins Can You Mine with CryptoUniverse Mining hardware?

Earning a wide array of coins has become much easier with CryptoUniverse. It, however, depends on the contract you are going to purchase. Let have a look at the different coins and contracts as of January 2020 which you can mine. For TH contracts, you will able to mine the coin of Bitcoin. For MH contracts, you can consider mining the coins of Bitcoin and Litecoin.



There is no doubt in the fact that there is no sense in purchasing contracts from CryptoUniverse cloud Mining in case they do not render profits. Let’s perform an analysis of the profitability of different types of contracts, which are mentioned under the last section, i.e. MH/s and TH/s.

Please note:
The factors which lead to the profitability of a contract are changing. The network difficulty, price of each coin and hash rates are changing daily. It is recommended to read our article on the mining profitability if you wish to procure more information about it.

Please note:
The factors which lead to the profitability of a contract are changing. The network difficulty, price of each coin and hash rates are changing daily. It is recommended to read our article on the mining profitability if you wish to procure more information about it.
  • MH/s:

Here, a payout of 0.027mBTC per 1MH/s can be expected daily along with a price of 13.6mBTC per 1MH/s. Hence, you can expect a breakeven after 500 days even.

  • TH/s:

Payout of 0.37mBTC per 1TH/s is expected daily along with the price of 0.25 BTC per 1TH/s. Hence, break-even can be expected after 670 days approximately.
It is essential to remember that for year contracts, a small maintenance fee will be deducted until they are profitable.

How is CryptoUniverse different from other Cloud Mining Providers?

As mentioned above, CryptoUniverse contributes to being the most well renowned and largest provider of cloud mining. Mining has never been so pleasant and easy. A significant investment in the mining hardware is a prerequisite for miners. In case you go for cloud mining with CryptoUniverse, you do not need to set up hardware neither you need to maintain mining stuff.

You will be mining online with CryptoUniverse and thus you do not require dealing with loud rigs that produce excessive heat. You do not even need to worry about mining pool fees.

One factor which stands second to none happens to be the fact that you are allowed to decide which coin should be mined with the aid of purchasing hash power. Thus, you can split the entire hash power to a wide number of coins. There is no doubt in the fact that CryptoUniverse is willing to provide to both big investor and average miner. Currently, there are above 310,000 members with CryptoUniverse Cloud Mining company.

There are a number of bitcoin cloud mining companies that have been proved to be a scam in the past. Hence, one of the major concerns for people where whether CryptoUniverse is legit or a scam. After extensive research, it can be said that it is not a scam. It, however, does not indicate that you can earn profits by mining coins from CryptoUniverse. However, the company has gained high prominence in providing services with utmost honesty.

CryptoUniverse is a great option for cloud miners who are willing to mine without the need to go via the stress of selecting bitcoin mining pool, software, hardware or setting up of a rig at the home.

Sign up with CryptoUniverse Mining in order to reap all the benefits and enjoy the different features. You can check out the picture of GM farms in Estonia on the website.

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CryptoUniverse Review

CryptoUniverse Cloud Mining – multifunctional cloud mining service provider. The project started on the 14th of February 2018 based on the infrastructure of the biggest mining farm in the Russian Federation with more than 20 MWt power.

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  • Profitable in the long run
  • Supply full information to users
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