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Started: 27/06/2020
Minimum Deposit:
  • 10 USD
  • BTC: 0.001
  • ETH: 0.05
  • LTC: 0.1
  • BCH: 0.03
  • Dash: 0.1
  • Doge: 3700
Minimum Withdrawal:
  • 10 USD
  • BTC: 0.0005
  • ETH: 0.005
  • LTC: 0.01
  • BCH: 0.004
  • Dash: 0.01
  • Doge: 500
Payouts: Manual
Accruals: Daily
Referral: 5% – 2% – 1%
Accept: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash


RENDALTRADE LTD is one of the fastest-growing platforms for cryptocurrency trading. We all know that the world is going digital, so also there’s a need to diversify our trading activities. In keen to upgrade the trading activities, our company arose to give proper investment plans, strategies, and packages to traders and to create the next generation of innovative technology.

Rendaltrade is an independent Global investment management company officially incorporated in the United Kingdom. We consist of a group of experts working on various financial markets online: stock exchange, Forex, cryptocurrency, investment in industrial oil, and gas. We provide a full cross-section of investment, development funding, and financial advice. Our objective is clear to help you establish, maintain, and increase the capital and rental value of your property safely. Making a profit on the online investment market doesn’t mean you must have big assets. Now you can start easily investing in at only $10.

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Investment Plans Of

Rendaltrade Investment Plans

1.5% Daily For 10 Days

  • Min Deposit: $1
  • Max Deposit: $1000
2% Daily For 15 Days

  • Min Deposit: $1001
  • Max Deposit: $2000
2.5% Daily For 25 days

  • Min Deposit: $2001
  • Max Deposit: $5000

Rendaltrade LTD grants you highly favorable and versatile gains for participating in any of its investment plans. Considering the amount of your deposit and hence the term of the chosen investment period, you’ll receive a guaranteed income every daily.

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E-currencies accepted:

You may choose to invest either by Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash. For USD use Perfect Money.

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Minimum Deposit:

Minimum investment for BTC: 0.001 ETH: 0.05 LTC: 0.1 BCH: 0.03 Dash: 0.1 Doge: 3700.00. For USD: $10. Maximum amount is your desired cryptocurrency equilateral of $500,000.00.

You can simultaneously invest multiple times over the platform at different times, in different amounts and duration. But remember that when you want to withdraw, these investments are evaluated separately.

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Minimum Withdraw:

The minimum amount for withdrawal is : BTC: 0.0005 ETH: 0.005 LTC: 0.01 BCH: 0.004 Dash: 0.01 Doge: 500 USD: $1.

Withdrawal process time is from instant to 24 hours.

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Affiliate Program:

REFERRAL COMISSION: 5% – 2% – 1% affiliate system has two programs and for both programs, Rendaltrade has a layered structure. Thanks to this structure, you not only earn from your invited friends, but also from their friends. Rendaltrade owes you every ring of the growing chain; and we want to reward you for your contribution.

The programs Rendaltrade offer are as follows:

  1. Regular Program (5-2-1%): In this entry-level referral program, you earn a 5% commission on the investments of friends you invite directly. This level includes users who register to the platform with the reference link provided for you. If those friends invite their network you get 2% from their investments. Moreover, if a third chain has been linked, 1% of the investment in that layer is your commission.
  2. Representative Program (10-4-2%): This program has been created for our users who want to further contribute to the development of the Best investment community. By contacting us, everyone who expresses their willingness to join our global network of representatives will receive more commissions from their invited networks. The layered structure works similarly here; but this time you get 10%, 4%, 2% commission income.


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