Referrals: What They Are, How They Work And How To Get Them?

You’ve probably seen the words referred, referral, guest, sponsor, network, etc on many articles, or have found them on blogs about making money or affiliates, all these words are actually related. What’s more, they mean the same thing.

The goal of the post is to teach you how to manage these concepts perfectly and above all, for you to understand what a referral is and how important it is to get them for the pages in which you work and are enrolled.

What are referrals?

A referral is the same as a guest or an affiliate. A referral is a person who registers on a page or website with the link that you provided. The sponsor in this case is the person who invites or recommends the money-making site, app or website.

Here’s an example: I recommend sites to make money through my blog. Right? When a person visits the blog and registers in some of the sites with my link, they automatically become my referral or guest for that particular site. In this case I would be the sponsor (person who invites)

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Types of referrals: Direct, indirect and rented

Referrals are classified as direct, indirect and rented.

Direct referrals are people who register directly with your link or invitation. Once they register, they become part of your direct referral network

Indirect referrals are the referrals of your referrals, that is, all the referrals that our referrals obtain are called indirect referrals.

To understand this better, we need to talk about referral levels. Some pages have several levels of reference or invitation. Level 1 includes direct referrals and the others are indirect referral levels.

You can see this perfectly in this example:

Referrals: What they are how they work and how to get them

And of course, there are rented referrals. Some sites, especially ptc sites, allow you to rent them for a certain time.

These are affordable and provide you profits from the clicks and work done by the rented referral.

Using a good strategy and being cautious, you can achieve excellent profits by renting referrals. It’s a very broad topic, of which I’ll talk at another time.

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What are referrals for?

Usually, any site that allows you to earn money has an invitation or referral system. The sponsor receives a percentage of the profits generated by the referral.

Through this system, profits can increase significantly and this is where referrals come into play.

It’s like everything, The more guests you get the more money you earn. In the end, your network increases and your profits skyrocket, thanks to your own work and that of your referrals.

Having referrals is the best way to progress and evolve when making money online, since most cloud mining sites, websites or apps have said recommendation systems, which we should try to take advantage of so our profits begin to take shape, as they become more powerful.

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How to get referrals?

It’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? I have to admit that getting them isn’t easy, and that’s mainly because today, the issue of making money online hasn’t spread enough and many urban legends claim that these methods are false, scams or deceptive.

Based on this, it’s very hard to talk to someone about a site or business, convince them and get them to register with your recommendation. But there’s a way to change this. Here it is.

The best thing to do would be to work on a page, understand how it works, use it to the maximum and request a withdrawal. Once you have proof of payment, everything changes in your favor, since you can give security and confidence to the people who see that you’ve really earned.

Recommend the sites and apps that you work on once you’ve made a profit and you’ll see better results.

The most common methods to get referrals are:

From word of mouth: There’s no better way to get referrals than by inviting your friends, acquaintances and family members to join your businesses.

Social media: some people have thousands of friends in their social networks. If you talk about a site and show your payment voucher and explain that it’s a good page, you’ll definitely get new referrals.

Website or blog: thousands of referrals can be achieved through a website or blog. You become an influencer on a subject and every time you talk about something your followers respond.

Nowadays, having a blog, such as mine, can get you thousands of referrals, not only for earning money, but also for learning about a topic or niche.

In short, there are hundreds of methods to get the much-wanted referrals. You just have to be a little imaginative on the matter ?? and believe me, think about creating a blog or Youtube Channel.

¿ And you? Have you already got one? What are you waiting for? Get to work and use what you’ve learned

¿ Do you have any doubts or was something not clear? I’m here to help you. See you next time. Cordial greetings.

Owner, Editor, and lead writer for Bit-sites. Cryptocurrency writer and trader since late 2015.

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