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Hello, welcome to my blog Bit-sites, a place where you’ll find ways to make money online from home in 2020, and all for free (I can already tell you, you can ask me any questions you want or that may arise as you read this 😉


Before we continue and delve into the matter, I want to ask you a question. Do you have 5-10 minutes? If the answer is “yes”, it means we’re on the right track. It’s the time it’ll take you to read the whole post.

10 minutes to learn how to make money for free, in the correct and successful way to operate

Still here? Great, however, if you really want to make money online for free, from home, in a serious and no-scam way, you need to know 2 very important things. Let’s get to it!

Making quick money in 2020?

I’ll be very clear and direct. We all seek to make easy money, and if possible, in the fastest and most efficient way. But, who said it’d be easy? If making money on the streets is in itself complicated, difficult and often impossible, through the Internet, it gets much more complicated.

First lesson: Be careful of websites that offer quick and easy money. Money doesn’t come by magic.

That’s why at this stage, we’re going to learn about a lot of sites that offer quick and easy money, but beware, most of the websites we see daily are scams or SCAM sites.

First of all, prudence and caution. If you see any website that offers quick, easy, exorbitant or unsustainable money, run away from that business!


Lesson 2: Do not register on websites that offer a lot of money. °Danger of SCAM!

I’m sure you appreciate your time as much as I do, right? If so, never forget these 2 lessons.

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Making money from home Truth or scam?

At this point, it’s more than evident that making money online is true, although not everyone can achieve it.

To make money from home, you need to bear a number of factors in mind and acquire good and essential skills, such as perseverance and patience. (I’ll talk more about it below)

To be successful and achieve your goal you must learn to work by really making an effort in what you do, working with enthusiasm, positivity and above all commitment.

Basically, if you act with firmness and constancy you’ll be 99% successful.

Be patient and constant in your day to day. Only those who can stand firmly and overcome that barrier will make real and true money.

Go ahead! You’re NOT alone, I’ll help and advise you in everything I can and in anything within my power.

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Making money online without investments?

Well yes, I give you my word, in fact I formally promise you that, by working online from home, with the various online businesses, as well as the websites that I name on the blog, you’ll be able to make extra FREE money, truly and without investing a single dollar, and above all from the comfort of your home. Can you ask for more?

Without going any further, in this blog, ìBit-Sitesî, you’ll find several effective methods that will allow you to earn extra, real and true money with your PC, computer and even cell phone, as long as you take it seriously and put some effort on your part.

IMPORTANT:It’s better to earn less money consistently with reliable and stable sites that have been paying out for a while, than making a lot of fast and easy money in an unsustainable and unfeasible way

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Ways, paths or sites to make money online

If you surf a bit through the internet, you’ll soon notice the number of sites that offer opportunities to make money online. As I said, °Be careful! Not all do what they offer and promise to do.

All the categories that I will number, as well as all of their related money-making sites, have been checked and reviewed by me. Most are sites that have been paying out for a while, they are reliable and you can start working with them right away.


Paid surveys


Here you’ll be able to make money by completing or filling in paid surveys. In my opinion, it0s one of the best ways to make a decent amount of money online.

As with everything, there are lots of sites where you can make money with surveys. In this blog, you’ll find a selection of the best current pollsters.

For example, for every single country, we have MarketAgent and the great Clixsense.

The first is the best site in the world (paying since 2007). The second and third pay by PayPal and have a very affordable payment minimum.

On the other hand, if you live in the US, you should definitely try the good old MySurvey and GlobalTesMarket (two of the most powerful paid survey sites in the US. At the end of 2018, they merged to form the LifePoints survey platform)

Particularly in this section, you have to be very careful about not paying for any miraculous lists, because you can work with pollsters for free, without having to pay anything.


Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin, wallets, Faucets and a long etcetera. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to start earning Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies for FREE.

Currently, this fabulous cryptocurrency is priced at around $13000, quite scandalous.

It’s never too late to start acquainting yourself with the currency of the future. Besides, new cryptocurrencies are on their way.

You still don’t have a bitcoin wallet to save, buy or sell BTC? I have the solution thanks to Coinbase, one of the best current wallets. It accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

Some sites that I use to earn free Bitcoin are FreeBitcoin and

Don’t be afraid, start making fractions of cryptocurrencies. The sooner the better. You’ll be happier tomorrow.

More information: Earn Free Bitcoin




Here they pay for doing tasks and mini-jobs, such as watching ads, watching videos, doing concrete tasks, etc, such as signing up or downloading something.

Along with surveys, this is my other favorite way of making money online.

Personally, in my humble opinion, the best website to make money by completing tasks is without a doubt, Neobux, a portal that has been offering uninterrupted online services since 2008.

Gains in this type of site can be quite spectacular if you spend time in them and are constant. BitcoinGet is also a good example of this if you want get paid in bitcoin.


Games, bets and casinos


Play for fun or bet with real money in casino-type games, scratches, slots, and win great cash prizes (actual money).

°Go ahead! Try your luck playing with real money for free thanks to the no-deposit bonuses that certain casinos and bookmakers offer.

An excellent option for the US is BetChain. From its online portal you’ll be able to get coupons or try your luck in the different modalities they offer, such as the famous Once scratch games.

If you like games of chance, don’t forget to stop by this section. Personally I’ve made decent money through this interesting way of making money from home.

More information: Your Guide to Bitcoin Gambling 


Mobile or cellphone

earn-money from your Phone

Different applications pay you to do some task, like downloading and trying an App, filling out a survey, watching a video, they even pay you to chat.

Who said you can’t make money with your smartphone? Make a profit in your free time with this great way of making money online.

You have to be particularly careful with apps, especially if they ask you to subscribe either by entering your phone number or credit card information.

Stay away from these offers. Your bulls could surprise you with significant expenses. °Be careful with this!

More information:


Forex / CFDs


Sites to invest money in Forex and through CFD contracts. If you’re thinking about investing, I advise you to take a look at the article where I explained how this type of investment works in detail.

These sites are exclusively for investing money, therefore, so if you’re new and are just starting in this world, I advise you sites and platforms to make money (bitcoin) for free.

There’s always time to invest! I don’t think it’d be the best option to start making money. But yes, if you want to risk it, go ahead! Each to their own.

The investment platforms that I currently use and that provide me with earnings every month are IQ Option and eToro.

More information: Invest in Forex >>




Membership or affiliate marketing, one of the most profitable ways to make money online.

Discover the best affiliate platforms to monetize your website, blog or Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network FanPage, in which you have notoriety.

If you don’t have any of those, some affiliate platforms allow you to recommend products without having a website or blog, such as TradeTracker.

Now, if you want to make money through affiliations, then you need to create a website or blog about a subject that you more or less dominate. Don’t know how to? Don’t worry, I’ve been there. Nobody is born knowing.

If you’d like to, you can send me an email here [email protected] and I’ll tell you more about how to create your own website or blog. °It’s simpler than it looks!

More information:


Other ways to make money

Other ways to make money

In this section, you’ll find other methods to earn more money than I haven’t named, such as Bitcoin Cloud Mining.

Do you buy a lot online? If you want to save on your online purchases as never before, Aklamio and Beruby, are the two main benchmarks in the Cashback sector.

Shoppiday is one of the latest promises to save when buying online. I advise you to take a look at this section.

Besides from Cashback, there are other ways to make money for free by benefiting from the internet and your electronic devices.

More information:

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How to make money online for FREE (Requirements)

To begin with, you’ll need a computer (PC) or smartphone (mobile phone), as well as an electronic wallet to receive the money you’re earning.

The most used one is PayPal, although I recommend others such as Payza or Payeer. You can also opt for some excellent alternatives; AdvCash, CoinPayments or Skrill. For bitcoin payment, I use Electrum wallet

You also need an email account to register in the sites that interest you the most, if possible use Gmail or Yahoo (Hotmail accounts tend to give some problems).

We advise you to create a special Gmail account for business and leave your personal one for friends, family, etc.

The work procedure is simple:

  • First, before registering on the platforms, read the review or tutorial of the site in question, that way you’ll get a general view of how it works and other details.
  • You’ll find the review tutorial of each site that I recommend right in this blog.
  • Once you understand how it works, you simply need to access the platform and work on it daily.
  • As soon as you accumulate the minimum payment amount required you can request to withdraw your earnings to your electronic wallet, as long as it’s available as a means of payment.

Doubts, complaints, suggestions? Keep reading, that wasn’t all.

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Essential factors to make money from home


As you’ve seen, you can make money online, but to be successful you need to be available, patient and perseverant.

There are 3 key and fundamental factors to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself, “Making money online from home”


One of the main factors that can make you earn more or less money is having the time and learning to dose it. You don’t need to spend 24 hours in front of the PC and abandon your life just because you want to make money online. You need to dedicate a fixed time every day to it, but it shouldn’t exceed 5 hours. Usually, it’ll be 2-3 hours a day, not more.


I want fast money, and that happens when you’re in need, that is when you really need money right away, but of course, it’s not as easy as it seems, so you need to be very patient, because results will come in the medium-longterm. If you manage to be patient with the sites, applications or any other business that you register in, you’ll be halfway there.


You need to be constant in your daily work. It isn’t worth it registering on every site you see just to cover everything, to then not work in any, we’ve all been there.

The appropriate thing is registering in safe sites, that have been in line for a while, and above all, that pay. And just as with patience, if you become consistent and set a daily work discipline for yourself, you’ll get an average profit in less time.

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How much money can you make?

Well, this is like everything. At first, you’ll make very little, but as you acquire the 3 factors we’ve seen above along with good discipline, you’ll see the fruits of a job well done.

Of course, if you think you’ll get rich with the jobs, methods, and ways to earn money that I mentioned in this blog, I assure you, you’re in the wrong place.

This is a long-distance race that you’ll run by yourself

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Does it work for everyone in the world?

Usually, the sites I recommend admit members from every country, such as the paid survey sites Future Talkers and bitcoin sites.

Otherwise, if the site admits members of a particular country, it’ll be indicated in the corresponding post. In principle, you shouldn’t worry about this.

Tips to make money online

The trick that I use and recommend is to alternate through all the possible sites. When I say “alternate” I mean register in all the sites you can, but beware, not any site, only the ones I recommend in the blog, which have been previously analyzed and checked for whether they’re reliable and pay or not.

Tips to make money online 2020

If you want to be successful, getting referrals is very important. In the next section, I’ll talk all about that.

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What are referrals and how to get them?

Referrals are people who register in sites with your link or invitation, and who generate profits with the work they do. In this article, I talk extensively about it.

Keep in mind that most of the sites to earn money have affiliates, referrals or guests system. Through your referral link, you can invite friends, colleagues, and family to join the sites you work at.

Your earnings will really increase through this system. Take advantage of it!

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Is there anything else I need to know?

YES. Be very careful with registering in sites that aren’t in the blog, because, as I said at the beginning of the post, people often create sites or online businesses with the sole purpose of profiting from others.

They often create projects, people invest and when their pockets are full, they leave, setting the site offline and leaving the users without money.

All the sites that you’ll find in the blog, and which aren’t in the “Non-recommended sites” or “Scam sites” sections are, in theory, reliable. On the other hand, for those that are in these categories, you better not waste time on them.

If any site shows signs of fraud or simply doesn’t pay or stops paying, it’ll be included directly in our Scam list

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F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new and I want to sign up for this to make money online, how do I do it?

First of all, go back to the beginning and read this article from beginning to end, it’ll give you an extensive idea of ​​the different freeways that I’ve personally used and recommended in this blog to make money online, whether by advertising, doing surveys, playing games, among others.

I really need work and found this website by chance. When could I start and what are the conditions?

We DON’T give or offer any type of paid work. We simply provide useful and quality information to those who are looking for ways to make money from home for free through their computer, mobile or tablet, all without TRICKS or SCAMS.

What are the jobs to be done?

It isn’t a job per se, it’s tasking, such as watching advertisements, watching videos, playing, answering a survey, interacting on social networks, downloading apps on our mobile, mini-jobs with long etcetera. All the actions mentioned getting a small remuneration in return. There’s no trick.

What do I need to register in the recommended sites or companies?

A computer, PC, mobile or tablet, being over 16 years of age, internet connection (if possible decent), an email account (if possible Gmail or yahoo) and a desire to work, apart of the 3 fundamental skills that I mentioned above (availability, patience, and perseverance).

I tried the sites you recommended but I make very little. Is that normal?

This usually happens and more so in the beginning. Who said that making money online was easy? It’s like a long-distance race. With a lot of patience, and above all with daily work, you’ll be able to get a half-decent amount even month. If we talk specifically about amounts, it’ll be hard to predict how much money you can earn, since at the beginning you won’t earn more than $50 per month. I say this from experience.

advice to make more money online?

Yes, only one. Networking, that is, using the invitation or referral system of each site that I recommend. By increasing your referral network, your earnings will multiply and even triple without even realizing it. It’s the only trick or advice that will give your profits a real push.

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How to make money on the Internet 2020: Opinions

Well, now you know the methods I use to make money online, from home, and for free. You’ve also learned to make that extra income you were looking for. You can check this list also to find out more methods.

If you tour through this blog, you’ll find the good payments I’ve made in a short time. With effort and perseverance, you’ll be able to make money from home, and I hope you can achieve it

In this section, we’ll be adding new categories and new methods that we’ll analyze and study before working with them.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to ask for help. I don’t ask for anything in return and I do it with pleasure, naturalness, transparency, and honesty.

I’ll end by wishing anyone who embarks in this online money-making adventure the best of luck. Lots of success to you all!

Owner, Editor, and lead writer for Bit-sites. Cryptocurrency writer and trader since late 2015.

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