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When we start mining bitcoins in Cloud, there are several alternatives available outside the current top 2: Hashflare and Genesis Mining. In this sense, Cryptominingfarm has earned the right to be among one of them because it has been running for some time and continues to make an income, ever since its first day.

50GHS of Bitcoin Mining for Free | CryptoMiningFarm

With Cryptominingfarm you start mining bitcoins in the cloud from the very first moment of registration, as you get 50GHS of free mining power which will generate a small amount of daily rewards to begin with.

Bitcoin cloud Mining CryptoMiningFarm

These are some of Cryptominingfarm features:

– The ability to create an account in a few clicks from Cryptomingfarm main page
– Lifelong contracts
– 50GHS of free mining power
– Mining contracts starting at 20GHS or 0.004BTC
– Fast and reliable payment system

In short, this is a great cloud tool to be able to diversify our investments in bitcoin mining. We can start mining bitcoin from the start and progressively increase our mining power on the website.


Therefore, we recommend starting with a few GHS to generate our first income and, once we see that everything works correctly for a period of time that gives us the confidence to decide, invest or reinvest our profits in this or other bitcoin mining sites in the cloud.

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