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Here’s your list of Most useful Bitcoin Tools & Resources that can help when it comes to spending bitcoin andcryptocurrencies.Technical analysis, Wallets, Exchanges, place to invest and More.



Coinbase – If you have not yet begin your journey within cryptocurrency, Coinbase is likely where it will start.


ledger nano s hardware wallet

Ledger Nano S – My favorite hardware wallet and what many consider to be the most secure/safe way to store your cryptocurrency. Snag it from the company website today to avoid the 2 month shipping delay when purchasing directly on Amazon.
buy the Ledger Nano S directly from Ledger’s website here.

Bittrex Best Exchange

Bittrex : Outside of GDAX/Coinbase/, Bittrex is one of my favorite exchanges and primarily what I use when trading altcoins, and anything with a BTC or ETH pairing. If you’re looking for a stable exchange with a multitude of coins to trade, Bittrex is a fantastic option.

Changelly Fast Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Changelly : If you’re somewhat new to cryptocurrency and you’ve just received your first Bitcoin or Ethereum through a service like Coinbase, you might want to exchange some of your large crypto for an alt-coin. To do this, you can use an exchange like Bittrex, or if you’d prefer a simpler service (with slightly higher fees), you can use Changelly.
If you’d like to see how Changelly works, use the tool below to check exchange prices with their service.

Coinigy Professional Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading tools

Coinigy : Are you a charting, technical analysis nerd? Or maybe you want to be one. Coinigy always you to pull data in from a multitude of exchanges and draw beautiful charts with real-time data, like the one below.

Coinigy Professional Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading tools

Note: I am an affiliate of some of the products mentioned on this page. With that said, I personally use everything on this page and only recommend products I truly trust/believe in. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, I may get a small percentage of the purchase, which does not cost you anything extra, and goes to help me make content on a more consistent basis.

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