Bitcoin Faucet list 2020


Are you looking for the best faucet list to get free bitcoins 2020?

Please, install Brave Browser to get additional BAT tokens for using faucets from the list below.

The most basic way to get bitcoins is buying them. But there are also websites (bitcoin faucets) to earn free BTC Online to start filling your paper Wallet with Bitcoins by taking advantage of these sites, without having to make investments.

These are the best bitcoin faucet list 2020

FreeBitcoin: This ancient faucet pays bitcoins and is totally reliable.  every hour you have the possibility to fill the captcha and also you can increase what you earn through a lottery system

ADBTC: This site works as PTC sites, offers the opportunity to win your bitcoins through daily tasks, watching ads or playing and making bets on lotteries with the bitcoins you earn, in order to increase them.

Cointiply: This platform gives you the opportunity to win your bitcoins easily, by watching ads for a period of seconds. For each ad you see, you will receive your bitcoins in your account.

BTCcliks: This is one of the most popular bitcoin faucets, it offers the chance to earn free bitcoins in a simple way. All you have to do to get your payments in bitcoins is to click on the offers of the ads that the faucet makes available, after clicking the ads will run for a few seconds and will be assigned to your account balance.

FireFaucet: This is another of the best options Faucets to win your bitcoins, the idea is to shorten any URL and share them with your friends and social networks. For each click that gives the shortened link, you will be gaining lots of bitcoins in our account.

As you can see, there are many options to win your bitcoins without having to invest, if you have little time.

If you are looking for a bitcoin faucet list 2020, we hope this post will help to get free Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Faucet List Rotator

Website Reward (satoshi) Interval Payment Method
Brave Browser Download Browse & earn Direct
Freebitcoin 196 – 1832058 60 min Direct
BitFun 200 – 1000 5 min Coinpot
MoreMoney NEW 10 – 100 60 min Direct
BitcoinADS  Depends on time Anytime Direct
AllCoin  15 – 100 4 min Direct
CoinPayau 10 – 50 0 min Direct – PTC Site
CoinClaim  50 – 5000 0 min Direct
MoonDash 50 – 32654 5 min Coinpot
MoonBch NEW 20 – 800 5 min Coinpot
BonusBitcoin 200 – 5000 15 min Coinpot
MoonBitcoin 100 – 1000 5 min Coinpot
Cointiply Varies 12 Hours Direct
FireFaucet 25 – 200 0 min Direct
FreeBcc 90 – 500 5 min Direct
StakeCube 25 – 200 24 Hours Direct 20 – 2000 60 min Direct
BtcClicks 100 – 250 0 min Direct – PTC Site
BtcVic 50 – 100 0 min Direct – PTC Site 25 – 500 0 min Direct – PTC Site
Cointiply 60 – 150 60 min Direct
EscBTCNEWZ 30 – 100 30 min Direct
MoonLitecoin 30 – 100 10 min Coinpot
MoonDoge 80 – 300 5 min Coinpot
LBTCE 20 – 100 2 min ExpressCrypto

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