Best Startups Utilizing Blockchain Technology 2020

Best Startups Utilizing Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency has made a large improve since the past few years, especially last year 2017, which is the year it experienced its highest development. The first application of cryptocurrency technology (Bitcoin) increased to a grand level of $20,000 a coin, then coins like Ripple and Ethereum also felt the buzz in the market they all got some prize increase during that period (December)

Blockchain is a Technology that contains lots of feature and applications regardless of cryptocurrencies, from a network filled with smart contracts that works using decentralized information on ledgers, it is possible for blockchain to come up with an unmatched security, that will be used for file transfer and other exchanges, so you can see blockchain as a technology that has applications of so many companies that practice exchange.
However, the technology behind these tokens, blockchain, has far more applications than just cryptocurrencies.
Here are lists of some startups that utilize the blockchain technology, Each with their own cryptocurrency, this article will provide you with the details of these startups.

ARK | All-in-One Blockchain

Investing in altcoins is a thing you don’t need to jump into without a better conclusion because they are no safe play in the industry, it is such a volatile One that has a bad regulation, its instability occurs almost daily activities. Chances of having double what you invested are valid but rare in most cases, you can see your investment going down largely and nothing to be done about it unless they are an incredible growth once again in the industry. The best doing is to settle for a currency that has better possibilities of rising in value just like BITCOIN, RIPPLE OR ETHER, then know them very well before investing in them for a safer Return in profits.
ARK makes innovative blockchain technology available for developers, users even startups, with the goal of creating an ecosystem of linked chains and also a virtual spiderweb with an endless use-case that makes ARK very flexible, adaptable and scalable. ARK happens to be the first blockchain ecosystem to be incorporated in the European Union (EU) after it was incorporated in France as a cooperative society, Ark is very secured and its also designed for mass users and will deliver the services that investors want and developers need.
Ark is built alongside a smart bridge that can enable the platform to be able to off-load nonrelevant functions to hundreds of side-chains. With this the scalability will then be amazing making the main Ark blockchain fast and lean, it happens to be the fastest in the industry you don’t have to wait for some seconds on your wallet before your transaction is completed.
Ark is being handled by so many people, it’s a company of 17 teams members from 11 different countries, which also consists of a very hardworking community of developers, so ark can be considered a joint effort it not owned by a person, Ark has a very complicated technology attached to it, the platform requires time dedication to understand and also to master the industry you have to engage in some more research about the platform and their everyday update but let’s just say that if you’re looking for the next rising star, this one can be your answer.

Fr8 Network (Fr8token)

Fr8 Network is an application that is decentralized to prevent intermediary from invading into their reputations and also price recoveries, Fr8 is designed to streamline the freight industry’s fractured value chain by transparently connecting key stakeholders, taking away the high cost for traders who simultaneously buy and sell the currency in order to make profits and redistributing revenue. The facilities of their blockchain network is to make the digitization of record-keeping that are related to the trade assets easier, even in situations where the intermediary and brokers are encouraged to resist change, fr8 breaks down walled gardens and allow data to be made used programmatically, carrying value in an open, free and fair marketplace.

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ODEM ICO Blockchain

Odem network is an educational platform that is meant for students and professors interaction, this platform enables both parties to share knowledge through the power of blockchain, through this they will be no intermediaries in the information that is been passed through the platform, every transaction on this platform must pass through smart contracts, thereby making the platform a secure place for both the person that is giving out knowledge and the person that is receiving the knowledge. This is the first decentralized on-demand education marketplace in the world, and they are greater access to education at a lower rate, which will help so many students to gain educational experience.

Communication Via the Blockchain with Experty

Unlike Skype this platform is a voice and also a video calling application that has the motive of allowing users that have the zeal or who are experts, to be paid safely via their blockchain platform based on the time they spent on a particular call, rather than becoming a marketplace of its own, they allowed users to put in or share their user profiles wherever they want to market themselves, for users who are looking for advice can link with one of the experts on call and pay for the time period with their tokens.

Dispatch Labs – business-ready blockchain protocol

This Blockchain protocol seems to be very advanced, it encourages the upload and the control of programmable files for dApp developers, Dispatch is backward compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine making building on or moving to Dispatch a breeze, its architecture will make wave for the active utility of the blockchain by allowing decentralized encryption and programmability of any kind of data file, their new consensus algorithm makes high transaction throughput for free, no transaction fees are attached to it, they are an extension of ethereum functionality, that is the ethereum smart-contracts to support accessing of off-chain data while allowing custom properties per Dapp, their own ledger is also designed to support off-chain storage of smart contracts and data files. Dispatch protocol allows for more information to be added without the need to expand the size of the chain, with that the transaction times won’t be overloaded as data storage grows, Dispatch has the intention to build a foundation of developers, which will grant the developers peace and freedom to solve life problems without the need of data constraints.

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Buzzshow – Blockchain-based social network

Buzzshow is a platform that shows proof of taking the responsibility of rewarding online video users. Most platforms where users create videos, like Facebook, YouTube has no reward for their users, making users not to gain much from the platform they are contributing on, but Buzzshow is new and has the tendency of becoming the number social platforms, they pay with goodies the currency used in the platform, The Buzzshow token sales is different from other tokens, they offer a developed and tested platform, also the funding will be used to make it active on blockchain technology so as to rapidly develop a strong user base, according to Buzzshow it is stated that the next release of the platform will be based on blockchain technology, which will provide features like no transaction fees, having enough capacity, stability and most especially security as it is a social media network. Users retain full privacy and control over their video within the social media space. The platform currently has over 15,000 users.

In conclusion, they are so many startups that make use of blockchain technology, before working with any of them you have to invest your time and make some research before investing your money.

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