Best Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Books 2021


Here are some of the best books on the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space

1. The Bitcoin Standard – Saifedean Ammous

The Bitcoin Standard – Saifedean Ammous

The first book that you should read in this list is The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous this read is essential if you want to have any grasp on bitcoin and cryptocurrency, why do I say that? well how can you expect to approach cryptocurrency and digital assets if you don’t have firm grasp on the foundation and the first digital asset that ever existed, not only that but understanding why it holds any value at all, this gives you the tools to understand Bitcoin why it’s worth anything how it changed the game for money in general and it’ll give you a way to approach other digital assets with healthy skepticism and understanding why the qualities of bitcoin can be difficult to replicate oddly enough this book actually doesn’t really get into bitcoin until halfway through or even further what it does get into is the history of money, the idea of sound money versus fiat currency, the effects that fiat currency has on nations and individuals. and how the shift from sound money to fiat currency has affected our society as a whole. once those are covered the book delves into how Bitcoin can help change this and how we may see capital start to flow into Bitcoin as a worldwide reserve currency.

If you only pick up a single crypto book this should be the one.

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2. The Internet of Money Vol 1&2 – Andreas Antonopoulos

The Internet of Money Vol 1&2 – Andreas Antonopoulos

Number 2 on this list is The Internet of Money vol 1 & 2 , if you’re at all into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and you haven’t heard of Andreas M. Antonopoulos you may want to reevaluate some of your life choices because he is the gold standard when it comes to speakers on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, this set of books is a collection of some of his famous talks that he’s given, you can see all these talks online through his Youtube channel but they have been cleaned up and refined a little bit they are definitely worth checking out a wide variety of topics regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrency and he really knocks it out of the park with every single one of these talks, Andreas has also written a book called Mastering Bitcoin but that one is geared towards developers and as it is kind of a specialized knowledge set, it has been omitted from this list.

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3. The Age of Cryptocurrency – Paul Vigna & Michael J Casey

The Age of Cryptocurrency

Number 3 The Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey, this book takes a look at some of the origins of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it looks at the technicals of how it works, it also dispels some myths and looks at the potential implications of such a monumental shift in the way that we do money, this book came out in 2015 and things move very fast in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space so some of the finer details in this book have evolved quite bit the general concepts remain the same, the message here is things are changing, another interesting thing to note here is that because it came out in January 2015 it puts this book release date smack dab the middle of the 2013 bull run and the 2017 bull run so because of that sure it got some publicity but not nearly as much as I think it deserves, and it’s definitely worth giving a read even though it’s few years old.

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4. Digital Gold – Nathaniel Popper

Digital Gold – Nathaniel Popper

Number 4 is Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper, in contrast to some of the other books in this list this one reads more like a novel or a biography of a number of individuals it chronicles the trials and tribulations of some of the early entrants into the Bitcoin space people like Charlie Shrem, Hal Finney, Satoshi Nakamoto himself, Winklevoss twins, a lot of others if you do not know these names you should get to know them and try to understand what they were up against in the beginning and how they helped shaped the digital economy as we know it today, and how much influence they will continue to have moving forward at least as historical stewards of the Bitcoin network, this book is from 2015 but because a lot of these stories are chronicling the early days of Bitcoin anyways that doesn’t matter and this I think will stand up to the test of time because it’s just more of reference as to where we all came from.

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Cryptoassets – Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar

crypto assets book

Number 5 Crypto Assets by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar, this book talks about how to value various cryptocurrency assets against each other what to look for when investing and holding a crypto asset, how to look at markets, how to use exchanges, various wallets that you can hold your cryptocurrency in it, it also talks about managing your risk and using the history of bubbles and crashes to make an informed decision as to what might happen next, this book may not be for everyone if you fall into the cab of Bitcoin maximalist and you read something like the bitcoin standard and you come to the conclusion that okay It’s just about Bitcoin and these other crypto assets are gonna have a hard time keeping up this may not be up your alley but if you get through the other books that I’ve recommended and you still think that there is room for other digital assets this may be a good book for you to take a look through, I like that it goes through different ways to consider the value proposition that various assets are offering but I think you should approach every description with a healty dose of skepticism as they do say in this book and come to your own conclusions, above all exercise caution when investing in anything.

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