4 Great work from home jobs Available Right Now 2019

4 Great work from home jobs Available Right Now 2019

In this post I’m gonna show you Great 4 work at home jobs that are available right now 2018
we have four new jobs that I want to show that you might be interested in, pay pretty well usually give good benefits and allow you to work from home without a commute.

1.Care Agent job at Ibotta

First one is at a company called iBotta and you would be a care agent so first off the company is basically an app they created these apps for apple and android devices where you can actually get money back for scanning your receipts with major retailers so you can make money from the app and you can get paid via PayPal to get cash back and scan your grocery receipt scan, scan your other receipts from different retailers on your phone so the position that theu’re offering if you go to their job application page is a part time I bought a care agent, you need to be located somewhere in colorado it is remote job, but if you like helping people or if you like dealing with customers (this is just a customer service type of job) you need to be available to work up to four seven hour shifts per week including some nights and weekends so you need to have flexible time schedule that being said you are going to work from home of course this position pays $12 per hour and as far as what you’ll do you’ll be tasked with analyzing and responding to customer emails, working through fraud reports moderating receipts, searching out issues with the app general problem solving wherever the customer experience is needed of course it covers that all on this page . just be good with people you want to have a firm grasp on technology you want to be able to know how to work with android and apple products both because they have apps for both devices so few things like that.

Click Here to apply for the Care Agent job at Ibotta.

2.Customer Service Rep job at Museum Hack

the second one is customer service rep at museum hack, Museum hack is a website that talks about tours for the world’s greatest museums in fact they specialize in unconventional tours as they like to say, you can put in your email to get deals and stuff from their website but as far as the actual job what you would be doing is you would be a customer service rep for them working from home, they are looking for part-time and you could have the possibility of becoming a full-time contractor so as an independent contractor you don’t necessarily have a normal job like you would at an office or at a big corporation you might have to do like pay in your own taxes and things like that, but you get to work from home, you need to be available to work 15 to 20 hours per week Monday through friday between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern standard time you may also occasionally be asked to work on weekends before 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, it is going to pay about 12$ to 15$ per hour so the pay is pretty good the company is currently looking for mostly part-time but you could be full-time and you’ll be asked to respond to client questions via phone and email you’ll have to handle difficult customers in situations, so be prepared for stuff like that you’ll have to send invoices manage event calendars write web content etc…

Click Here to apply for the Customer Service Rep job at Museum Hack.

3.Customer Experience Advisor job at Warby Parker

the next one is customer experience advisor at Warby Parker, this is an online-based eyeglass retailer so Warby Parker being an online based eyeglass retailer is offering a part-time customer experience advisor job where you can assist customers and deliver an above and beyond shopping experience as they put it, if you want to learn more about WarbyParker you can go their website, they have eyeglasses sunglasses all that type stuff and they’re mostly online based you’re looking for someone just to assist customers and deliver great experience and you will have to assist customers via email process, sales maintain customer relationships and things like that, which is like a typical customer service agent does. So you need to be able to work at least 20 hours per week you should be based around Nashville Tennessee somewhere in there in the US, you’ll be required to spend a three week Monday through Thursday training period in the nashville office that’s why they want you to be located in that area but it is a work from home job as far as benefits and perks they include a retirement savings plan with company match an annual eye exam and free eyewear Plus discounts for friends and family. so those are just few things about the job you can read more about it here and apply as well to give out the times you cloud work your qualifications and things like that.

Click Here to apply for the Customer Experience Advisor job at Warby Parker.

4.Customer Experience Associate job at ClassPass

The last but not least is you could be a customer experience associate at ClassPass and this is more of fitness website and they provide customers with a fitness studio membership that allow them to try out a variety of fitness classes in their community, so if you have passion about fitness this would be more in your interest, as far as what they are looking for weekend and evening customer experience associates to work from home as it says in the job description, there tow shift options that you can choose from you can do evening shifts which require availability from Monday to Friday 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM Eastern Standard time, and weekend shift is going to stretch from saturday to wednesday 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM Eastern Standard time the position pays 40,000$ per year and comes with some benefits including medical coverage, flexible vacation time a 401K and complimentary class membership so they offer a lot probably the most benefits of any of the jobs I’ve mentioned in this post, you’re going to respond to customer inquiries via email and live chat identify and report issues with the website or the app things like that, you would need to have good verbal and written communication skills good grammar and things like that, of course as well you want to be good with people for this type of job. if you like fitness and you want to help customers in that industry and you like all those benefits that come with this job you can apply on this page at ClassPass called the customer experience associate on their job section.

Here’s the link to apply for the Customer Experience Associate job at ClassPass.

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