What is cloud Mining?

- Cloud Mining -  concept that allows you to form groups (mining pools) in order to obtain more revenue from general effort compared to mining in using their equipment. Bitcoin mining is done "in the cloud" and avoids many problems, including power interruptions, problems with installing or connecting to the internet, energy costs, difficulties for equipment maintenance.
-In the following Premium Cloud mining sites list you will find the most proven service that provides cloud services of mining Bitcoins in the form of contracts. The contract provides that power the cloud, you will choose, and of mining revenues from this cloud and will be your daily profit.
We recommend that, regardless of the register for all services, they are often handed out free bonus.

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Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites 2017 cloud mining 2017
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Good Cloud mining site (50 GHS/s free bonus)
Purchase contracts on the 30 GH/s.
Algorithm of work: SHA-256, Scrypt.
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.01 BTC. 
Status: paying best cloud mining 2017
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Best Cloud mining Site
Purchase contracts on the 10 GH/s.
Algorithm of work: SHA-256 & Scrypt Mining.
Withdrawal: daily. 
Status: paying best cloud mining 2017
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Top Cloud mining (Use the code EC2JV5 to get a 3 % discount)
The minimum investment is only 0.031 BTC. .(0.1 TH/s / Lifetime Contract).
Algorithm of work: SHA-256,Scrypt, Scrypt-N, X11.
Cryptocurrencies mining contract : Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, & more based on the sha256, x11 & scypt algorithm.
Promo code :  EC2JV5 
Withdrawal: daily. 
Status: paying

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New Cloud mining site (free trial) has been in the mining industry since 2013
Payments : Instant
Minimum Deposit : $228 / THS
Minimum Withdraw : 1 USD
Investment Plan : Currently: BTC 231$ for 1 TH/s (infinitely).
Affiliate Program :  15% - 25%
Accept : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin...
Status: paying
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New cryptocurrencies investment company 0.1% - 10% daily
Payments : Instant ( can take 12 hours)
Start investing with just (Deposit) : 0.005 BTC or 5 USD
Minimum Withdraw : 0.005 BTC  or 0.10 USD
Investment Plan :
%15 Daily For 10 Days
Affiliate Program : 5% - 3%​  Referral comission
Accept: Bitcoin,PerfectMoney,PM,ADVCASH,PAYEER
If you want to earn money online you can try this program.
Status: paying banner 468
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Super high paying BITCOIN CLOUD MINING site
Payments : Instant - Automatic
Minimum Deposit : 0.06 bitcoin
Minimum Withdraw : 0.005 BTC
Investment Plan :
1 TH/s Minimum Purchase 139 USD Per TH/s For Lifetime
2 TH/s Minimum Purchase 149 USD Per TH/s For Lifetime
3 TH/s Minimum Purchase 85 USD Per TH/s For 6 Month
4 TH/s Minimum Purchase 60 USD Per TH/s For 3 Month
Affiliate Program : 2%​ - 1%Referral comission
Accept: Bitcoin
Status: paying

EliteMiningClub banner cloud mining 2018
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A hard to find cloud mining site to profit handsomely
(500 Doge Welcome Bonus/free trial)
Payments : Instant
Minimum Deposit : No Limit For Deposit
Minimum Withdraw : No Limit For Withdraw
Affiliate Program : 5% For Each Active Refferal
Status: paying

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Easy Way To Profit From this Cloud Mining Company
Payments : INSTANT PAID out
Minimum Deposit : 5 USD
Minimum Withdraw : 1 USD
The mining is: 100% full-automatic
Get earnings: EVERY HOUR
Investment Plan : 0.04% Per hour (0.96% per day)
0.06% per hour (1.44% per day)
0.09% per hour (2.16% per day)
Affiliate Program : 7%, 10%, 12% Refferal Bonus
Accept: Bitcoin,Ethereum,Litecoin,Zcash,Dash,
Advcash,Payeer,Perfect Money,Payza
Status: paying

TelcoMiner best cloud mining 2018
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Excellent Cloud Mining site with lowest hashrate (15 KH/s free bonus)
Purchase contracts on the 20 KH/s.
Algorithm of work: Script.
Withdrawal: daily.
Status: paying

TelcoMiner banner
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This investment cloud mining site pays out a randomized amount of bitcoin profit.
Payments : Instant - Automatic
Minimum Deposit : 17.17 $
Minimum Withdraw : 0.001 BTC
Investment Plan :
147% Total return for 6 weeks
180% Total return for 9 weeks
Earn 3.60% and above on workdays and 1.00% on holidays.
Affiliate Program : 10%​ - 15% Referral comission
Accept: Bitcoin, Ethereum
Status: paying

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-We are not connected to the project Administrators, we just manage an independent monitoring system.
-Investing on HYIP and Cloud mining sites can be very profitable but it is definitely risky, then invest only what you can afford to lose.
-We try to look at every investment company every day, but we are not responsible for your investement and we are not a financial advisor.
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