Chain.Group Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Chain.Group Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam

Complete Review of the project. Commercial services groups with a performance of up to 10% per day. Payment Status: Withrawal Pending! Don't Invest At The Moment.

Added to the cataloging conditions monitoring of the latest platform aimed at long-term investment and performance plans. Visually, this resource isn't anything special, but does surpass several partners in functionality and completion. The marketing section allows one to select various investment proposals from third party asset management capital loan providers. In fact, its organizers ( ChainGroup) simply offer the safest place for investors, and aren't liable for its stable operation. If this emerges, we will explain it.

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According to the description, the Chain group Service Guarantee Deposit Group is an intermediary between investors and trading platforms, which allows users to select investment proposals from third-party groups. Investing in this service for personal reasons will only lead to accepting an investment plan of 0.2% per day for service development and maintenance, improving technical assistance, creating professional multimedia materials, carrying out of market studies and other services. All independent commercial groups that have been published on the site are not owned by the project itself and are third party materials which are, in one way or another, related to kriptovalyutnoy trade in known markets, the only difference between the groups are their methods and strategies. The ÔGuarantee Deposit Group Chain Resource is not recommended if you want to trade on your own or want to take advantage of its beneficial offers and suggestions from cryptocurrency experts.

Chain group Service 2018 review

Designing (chain group) projects in a structurally simple and concise way has been quite popular in the last decade. In fact, the site has a huge professional content and works under a samopisnaya script with excellent functionality. This may be an uncomfortable resource due to the lack of material in Russian, but the online translator fulfils this task perfectly, by translating the English design into Russian. Be sure to visit the "Chain Group Terms of Service" and "Frequently Asked Questions" sections, as they provide more detail. To complete the information the siteÕs live chain group support isn't enough, perhaps take notes over time.

In the investment program, investors have to choose a commercial group to invest in, to get to know what their offer and transfer management funds. To this date, the marketing platform provides 5 commercial groups with a daily accrual that ranges form 0.1% to 10% per day in days 120-500. Based on each business groups terms, yield may be floating or fixed, returning the initial deposit at the end of the term, but it isn't an option and it is included in the deposit payment. Also, sometimes one can use the compound interest option (0% -50% -100%) and activate the deposit withdrawal with Commission option. In the long-term rate of 500 days, a flat 0.2 rate% for the total amount is charged. The minimum investment contribution is of US$5. Payments are made every day at 00: 00UTC (03: 00 MSK).

CHAIN GROUP investment companies site has 4 different investment plans:

1. Chain Trade Group

0.2 500% per day
during Min/max contribution days: 10 $ - $ 1000000
Deposit return at the end of the available composition,
early deposit withdrawal not available,
Expected profit - 100%

2.TG Thomas (chain group investment plan)

0.1% - 1.7% per day 300 days (variable rate)
Min/max contribution: 10 $ - $ 300000
Deposit return at the end of the available composition,
early deposit withdrawal with a 20% commission,
Average profit percentage - 270%

3. Dragon Foundation (chain group investment plan)

0.1% -6% per day 180 days (variable rate)
Min/max contribution: 10 $ - $ 500000
Deposit return at the end of the capitalization is not available,
early deposit withdrawal with a 50% commission,
average profit percentage - 530%

4. BitStrong (chain group investment plan)

0.1% -3% per day 250 days (variable rate)
Min/max contribution: 5 $ - $ 500000
Deposit return at the end of the available composition,
early deposit withdrawal with a 30% commission,
average profit percentage - 360%

5. CloudShare (chain group investment plan)

0.1% -10% per day 120 days (variable rate)
Min/max contribution: 25 $ - $ 100000
Deposit is included in the available composition payment,
early deposit withdrawal not available,
average profit percentage - 490%

technical part:

- Samopisnaya Writing
- Domain purchased in 10 years (up to 2026)
- Protection against CloudDoctor DDoS attacks
- Comodo SSL encryption (in 9 months)
Verified -RM- account
- Unique design.

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